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Altasciences Responds to the COVID-19 Pandemic

We understand the urgency related to finding a treatment for COVID-19. This is why Altasciences has assembled an Executive Response Committee to help accelerate your drug development timelines and milestones. Our flexible approach and ability to make quick, informed decisions, coupled with our scientific acumen and ability to put plans into motion within constrained timelines allows us to perform different stages of drug development simultaneously while ensuring employee, participant, and animal safety. From discovery to preclinical to clinical, Altasciences has got you covered.

Whether you are developing a new COVID-19 therapy or repurposing a drug as a possible treatment, Altasciences is here to help.

COVID-19 Capabilities

Our COVID-19 Team has decades of experience and can help you build your drug development strategy.


  • As part of the animal welfare program and in concert with Environmental Health & Safety protections for the employees, personal protective equipment is deployed to prevent zoonotic transmission of the virus.
  • SEND expertise enables a 2-week turnaround time
  • Comprehensive safety assessment services in rodent and non-rodent species
  • Experience with both small and large molecules, including vaccines, monocloncal antibodies and gene therapies
  • Key personnel able to respond quickly to COVID-19 challenges:
    • Ongoing monitoring of public health concerns
    • Additional health screening
    • Identifying cross-training of those responsible for the care and well-being of animals
    • Revising PPE requirements in consultation with the Laboratory Animal Resources and Environmental Health & Safety
    • Increasing equipment inventory, such as stocks of N-95 masks
    • Identifying alternative (secondary) vendors for essential services and supplies


  • From discovery to preclinical to Phase IV — method development, validation, and sample analysis
  • Experience with small and large molecules, including immunogenicity and biomarkers
  • A proprietary COVID-19 Assay List
  • Microsampling (Mitra® VAMS®) and dried blood spots for preclinical and clinical programs


  • Expert experience in epidemiology and vaccine-related trials
  • Clinical pharmacology units with 400 beds in the U.S. and Canada
  • Immediate implementation of FDA and Health Canada COVID-19 recommendations
  • Key personnel able to respond quickly to COVID-19 challenges:
    • On-going study risk mitigation analysis
    • On-going monitoring of supply chain for IP and medical supplies
      • Increased ordering of study supplies done at the onset of this pandemic
  • Seven separate clinics utilized within the Canadian facility, each equipped with its own cafeteria and dosing area in order to comply with social distancing requirements
  • Specific COVID-19 measures put in place for participant and staff member’s health and safety
  • Multiple quarantine rooms identified in each clinic for any participant or staff member that presents COVID-19 symptoms
  • Outpatient area reconfigured to allow for rapid and segregated follow-up visits
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures


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