Our Solutions

Ligand Binding

Our ligand binding group offers support for Immunogenicity, PD, PK, BE, and Biosimilar studies for both preclinical and clinical stages of drug development.

We have nearly a decade of experience with small and large molecules, such as oligonucleotides, small peptides, chemical elements, proteins, bi-specific antibodies, monoclonal antibodies, and antibody-drug conjugates. Depending on the level of sensitivity, complexity of your drug, or the need to multiplex or have a high-throughput sample analysis for your study, our scientists will propose the most suitable equipment for your needs.

Our Ligand binding assay types:

  • Immunogenicity assays:
    • ADA: screening, confirmatory and titration
    • nAb by non-cell based and cell-based assays
  • Quantification methods using various platforms
  • Hybridization ELISA/ECLIA of various types (ligation, dual hybridization)
  • Functional cell-based assays
  • Antibody response (TDAR)
  • Biomarkers
  • Cell lineage and functional immunophenotyping by flow cytometry
  • PCR analysis (Droplet digital PCR, Quantitative PCR)
  • Cytokine/Chemokine Analysis
  • Electrochemiluminescence (ECL)

Our ligand binding equipment includes:

  • Mesoscale S600 Electrochemiluminescence Sector Imager
  • BioTek Synergy H4 Multimode Plate Reader using Absorbance, Fluorescence, or Luminescence
  • Luminex 200 System
  • Simoa HD-1 Analyzer
  • BioTek EL406 Microplate Washer/Dispenser
  • BD Biosciences FACSCantoTM II Cytometer
  • SpeedVac for tissue extraction
  • Percellys®  Evolution Homogenizer

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