Planning a Human Abuse Potential Clinical Trial?


HAP Capabilities at Our Kansas City Clinical Facility

Altasciences is a CNS Center of Excellence for research from discovery to preclinical to clinical. We have experience in a diverse range of human abuse potential (HAP) studies, such as for stimulants, opioids, and sedative hypnotics; and have conducted over 60 HAP trials over the last decade. 

Sponsors choose our Kansas City Research Campus for their HAP studies for our:

  • Experienced physicians who understand how to work with recreational drug users
  • 36-bed specialty clinical unit in Kansas City for sequestering patient populations
  • Upscale facilities that contribute to industry-leading retention rates for up to 60 days of consecutive confinement
  • Pharmacies with USP 797 clean room with Class II biological safety cabinet
  • Database of over 400,000 active participants including 45,000 at our Kansas City site alone.  The database includes recreational abusers of opioids, stimulants, sedative hypnotics, and cannabinoids

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Altasciences transforms the traditional outsourcing paradigm by simplifying and streamlining drug development solutions, whether for a single study or multiple programs, to offer an integrated/synchronized approach to CRO and CDMO services from lead candidate selection to clinical proof of concept, and beyond.