So, you’re thinking about volunteering for a clinical research study, and they often involve in-house stays at a clinical research facility. What could you possibly do for several days (or even weeks) away from home while you participate and help move global health forward through research?

As it turns out, there’s a lot! Take a look below or add your own ideas to the comment area.

Recruiting volunteers for a clinical trial is vital to its success, but once volunteers are in house it’s paramount to retain them through the length of the study. This could be one night or it could be weeks. Also, there could be one in-house period or several where the volunteer must return to the clinic again and again for several over-night stays.

So, the question as a clinical research site is, how do we keep our study volunteers happy and retain them for the length of the trial?

The last thing that comes to mind when the word bungee jumping comes up is safety and security. Just the thought of jumping face-first off a bridge, an insanely high platform or a mountain cliff makes many people a little nauseous. Nonetheless, did you know that several million successful jumps have taken place since 1980? And experts attribute the safety record directly to bungee operators who rigorously conform to standards and guidelines, such as double checking calculations and fittings for every jump?

Did you know that Earth Day was the brainchild of former US Senator Gaylord Nelson? According to the Earth Day website, Nelson was “inspired by the student anti-war movement, [and] he realized that if he could infuse that energy with an emerging public consciousness about air and water pollution, it would force environmental protection onto the national political agenda.” Thus, Earth Day was born in 1970.

Gather round, folks. It’s time for a story, one you might have heard before, but it’s one of our favorites.

Once upon a time, in a vast and mystical kingdom called America, was a beautiful research facility…uh…castle. All of the people throughout the land loved to gaze at the magical building. Some had even been inside, but most did not fully understand the important work being done within the castle walls.

castle wide

Springtime brings the sunshine, warmer temperatures and if you’re into such things, a big basketball tournament. You are probably familiar with the March Madness tournament (which starts March 13th) and the bracket that goes along with it. It’s a single-elimination tournament that ends Thunderdome style (two teams enter, one team leaves victorious and all that).