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Drug-Drug Interaction Studies

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Drug-Drug Interaction Studies

Many patients use more than one medication at a time. Interaction of the drugs on the enzymes that metabolize or transport them can alter the pharmacokinetics and increase adverse events or reduce efficacy. To understand the risk, Drug-Drug Interaction (DDI) studies are required when in vitro results suggest an in vivo interaction is likely. The results determine which interactions are clinically relevant and how to adjust doses to account for them.

At Altasciences, we have been designing, conducting, analyzing and reporting on pharmacokinetic studies, including drug-drug, food- and alcohol-interaction studies, for over 25 years. We are well versed in stand-alone studies for each inhibitor, inducer or substrate, as well as “cocktail” studies to look at interactions between multiple CYP enzymes or transporters dosed at the same time. We also conduct sequential studies to look at multiple inhibitors dosed in separate cohorts under one protocol.

We are known for: Quick study start-ups — synopsis to dosing in less than 8 weeks, Rapid recruitment of both healthy normal volunteers and patients
Ability to handle large groups of patients (over 60 at a time), State-of-the-art bioanalytical instrumentation that operates 24/7, Accelerated reporting timelines
Facilities designed for optimum recruitment and retention to accommodate long confinement periods - 500+ nonproprietary assays including 30 validated methods for large molecules and 494 validated methods for small molecules

Partner with us for your DDI studies and let us help you accelerate your drug development program.

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