So, you’re thinking about volunteering for a clinical research study, and they often involve in-house stays at a clinical research facility. What could you possibly do for several days (or even weeks) away from home while you participate and help move global health forward through research?

As it turns out, there’s a lot! Take a look below or add your own ideas to the comment area.

1. Watch movies

Maybe you’ve been meaning to catch up on the latest Fast & the Furious movie (or movies because it seems like they’re currently in a race against the Land Before Time franchise for most sequels) or rom-com that you didn’t see in theaters.

2. Read a book

We know that library list of yours can get pretty long, and that pile of half-finished airplane books you’ve been meaning to get to as soon as you can find the time is just sitting there taunting you with their fascinating stories that you’re not reading.

3. Write a book

Take a seat. Write the next great American novel, or romance, or history of your family. Whatever genre floats your boat. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen, or if you’re feeling tech savvy, bring your laptop and get to typing.

4. Play video games

Have you ever wanted to play video games for hours without the pang of guilt because you should probably be doing something else like cleaning, doing homework, cooking, watching after your children? Here’s your chance!

5. Plan your next vacation

From the comfort of your bed, you can research flights, hotels, activities, and restaurants to get ready for your next trip.

6. Volunteer for charity

Are you involved in a local (or not so local) charity? With your free time while you participate, you can get those fundraiser emails out to donors, post upcoming events, publicize the charity on your social media outlets, and more.

7. School work

Homework, ew, amirite? But maybe you’re taking an online college class or you’re writing your thesis on the undertones of Marxist class theory in Wuthering Heights. Either way, during your time while volunteering for a clinical trial you can focus on your studies.

8. Make friends

The volunteer community is just that – a community. It’s a group of people giving of their time to a common goal of bettering health. Find out what you might have in common with someone you may have never met otherwise.

9. Browse the internet

There are so many cat videos to be watched! Or news articles to catch up on, if you’re so inclined.

10. Start that project

You’ve been meaning to learn to knit or design an app or start blogging. So, start!

11. Meditate

Meditation has been shown to lower blood pressure, amp up your immune system, and help regulate stress. Take the opportunity to reflect and meditate.

12. Sketch

Are you an artist? Bring your sketch pad! Get those creative juices flowing.

13. Fix up your resume

While you’re in between jobs and on the hunt for your next opportunity you can reflect on your resume and get it into top shape to help you land that next great career.

14. Flip through magazines

All those glossy covers are calling your name from where you’ve piled them after getting them out of the mailbox. If you only had a minute to read them! Volunteer for a clinical trial and you’ll have plenty of time to find out about Time’s person of the year or the latest hot Hollywood gossip.

15. Find your next pet

So, you’ve decided you’re ready for a furry friend (cat, dog, hamster, whatever). Use your free time to browse pet adoption sites for your next companion.

16. Work

We hate to say it because the first 15 things were all fun and games, but we had to say it. We’re looking at you, yeah you, the person who LOVES their job and couldn’t bear to leave it to participate in a clinical trial. If you can work from your laptop then bring it with you and get the job done while maybe watching those episodes of Friends you forgot were so funny.

17. Just rest

The world is busy. Chaotic even. Take some time to just chill, take a breath, and relax.