Meet Martin Poirier, MSc
Senior Director of Laboratory Sciences

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Martin Poirier

Since 2019 when he first joined Altasciences, Martin Poirier has been applying his extensive knowledge and experience to guide his colleagues and our clients through their bioanalysis and immunomodulation analysis projects. As Senior Director of Laboratory Sciences, Martin oversees the various scientific disciplines at our Seattle laboratories to ensure the quality of our operations. He loves finding solutions to challenges, and then quickly adapting his team’s course of action; it’s the fast pace and fluidity of our preclinical bioanalytical projects that keep Martin inspired and motivated.

Martin has over 20 years of industry experience, 10 of which were spent managing laboratory services and establishing new bioanalytical facilities across North America. Prior to joining Altasciences, Martin was a Scientific Director of Laboratory Sciences at Charles River Laboratories.

Martin says he has always had a scientific mind. In the third grade, he was tasked with drawing a picture of what he wanted to be when he grew up and he drew microbes and a microscope. Although he is neither a microbe nor a microscope, Martin did become a passionate scientist, fulfilling his childhood aspirations.

Man standing on tundra in Death Valley National Park in California
Martin Poirier at Death Valley in California.

When he’s not in the lab, Martin enjoys traveling. “I’m always thinking of my next destination,” he says; fitting for a scientist who is always looking ahead at the possibilities. His day-to-day hobbies include cycling, skiing, and martial arts. In fact, he says one of his greatest achievements is completing a half marathon with no prior training. “I started the half marathon thinking I probably wouldn’t be able to go all the way, but that I’d run for as long as I could,” recalls Martin, “But I found it in myself to reach the finish line, and I was extremely proud.” When he’s not being athletic, he is unofficial IT support to his family and friends, given that he enjoys troubleshooting computer issues.

To end, Martin has one piece of advice: don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. “My dad used to say this regularly, and I try to put it in practice as much as possible in both my work and personal life.”

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Man standing on a tip of Oia volcano in Greece
Martin atop Oia volcano in Greece
Man lying down in snow in Yosmite National Park in California
Martin taking a rest in snow at Yosmite Valley in California.
Martin Poirier standing in front of decorative fountain in Prague
Martin roaming the streets of Prague.