To date, we have successfully analyzed over 12,000 Mitra® microsamples in our laboratory and have storage facilities in which temperature and humidity are controlled at all times. Notably, the room temperature storage requirement allows easy transport and rapid sample filing and retrieval. As per the 2018 FDA Bioanalytical Method Validation Guidance, when a new assay platform such as Mitra® VAMS is used in supporting drug development, the data generated requires bridging with that of an established method. At Altasciences, Mitra® VAMS support has included bridging studies which correlate drug concentration in plasma to that of blood, thereby allowing for appropriate study interpretation with the change in matrix during the development program. Clinical studies supported include precursor to remote subject self-sampling for compliance verification, population PK and therapeutic drug monitoring. ItwasawonderfulexperienceworkingwithAltasciencesonthisnoveltechnique. Their bioanalytical lab is one of the few labs we found with analytical experience employing multiple microsampling techniques. The devotion, expertise, and degree of professionalism employed by the team in all stages of development, and the support provided during the clinical trial, were unprecedented. —Joanna L Gore, Ph.D. Clinical Research Scientist, Drug Development, Appili Therapeutics Inc. —Jamie L Doran, MSc, DABT, ERT Vice President, Drug Development, Appili Therapeutics Inc. “ ” To learn more about VAMS and the reduction of hematocrit effect, view our exclusive webinar. Registration is fast and free.