By now you have surely heard of Altasciences’ acquisition of a preclinical testing business which gives our organization a unique opportunity to redefine how people and businesses outsource drug development. With this transaction, a new management structure was put in place by hiring handpicked, experienced individuals who share our culture and values, and particularly our focus on delivering expert guidance with exceptional customer service. Both the new hires and existing management will play an integral role in delivering our toxicology services. As Altasciences prepares to further build and integrate large and small molecule safety testing services, our goal is to become the first mid-sized CRO with a service offering allowing for multiple points of entry to a process that flows seamlessly from lead candidate selection to proof of concept. This will provide our clients with a smooth and efficient integrated offering to meet their preclinical and clinical early drug development needs. By partnering with us, you will benefit from working with a single CRO from the very first stages of preclinical testing to testing in humans, which will reduce total timelines. This short clip talks about how we will achieve this. MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO Chris Perkin, Chief Executive Officer, Altasciences