Clinical Facilities

With three strategically placed clinical research facilities in North America, Altasciences Clinical Research has over 600 beds for healthy normal volunteer and patient population studies. Our speed for recruitment and study start-up as well as our retention rates for studies with both long- and short-term confinement are unmatched in the industry.


Our highly trained clinic and laboratory staff are complemented by scientific project managers to oversee each clinical program, clinical pharmacists experienced in preparing and dosing via multiple routes of administration and regulatory experts knowledgeable in international regulatory guidelines and requirements. The team of full-time, dedicated research physicians ensures proper medical and technical procedures are completed to the highest degree of quality.

Industry Excellence

Altasciences offers 25 years of clinical experience in both innovator and generic drug development. Our sites have multi-million dollar contracts with the FDA and NIDA. Over the years, we have won multiple CRO Leadership Awards in a variety of categories and Best Full Service Early Stage Clinical Research Provider in Canada in 2016. In addition, our CEO is part of the elite list of PharmaVOICE's 100 Most Inspiring People in the Life Sciences Industry in 2015 and 2016.