The 67th ASMS conference in Atlanta — June 2 to 6 Keep an eye out for our bioanalytical team at upcoming events in June! » » Quantitation of a PEGylated Human Parathyroid Hormone (1-34) Analog in Rat Plasma Using a Hybrid Immunoaffinity Bottom-Up LC-MS/MS Assay Poster presented by Jean-Nicholas Mess, Principal Scientist, Method Development Tuesday, June 4 » » Overcoming Recovery Challenges in Hemolyzed Samples for the Determination of Propafenone and 5-Hydroxy Propafenone by LC-MS/MS Poster presented by Vinicio Vasquez, Scientist, Method Development Wednesday, June 5 » » The Application of Light-Absorbing Photostabilizers for the Determination of Protoporphyrin IX in Human Plasma by LC-MS/MS Poster presented by Milton Furtado, Associate Director, Bioequivalence Method Development Thursday, June 6 » » A Sensitive LC-HRMS Method for the Quantitation of Dystrophin Protein in Human Muscle Tissue Oral presentation (in collaboration with NS Pharma, Inc.) by Kevork Mekhssian, Manager and Principal Scientist, Mass Spectrometry Wednesday, June 5 The 102nd Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition in Québec City, Canada — June 3 to 7 » » Bioanalytical Support of Drug Development and CROs Oral presentation by Dr. Anahita Keyhani, Senior Director, Scientific Operations, Mass Spectrometry Wednesday, June 5 View all scientific publications and explore the various topics covered by our scientists.