MEET MIKE BROADHURST Mike Broadhurst joined the Altasciences’ team in 2018. As the General Manager for our Preclinical Services facility in Seattle, Mike works closely with the Altasciences Executive Management Team to ensure the development and delivery of quality preclinical solutions that support both small and large molecules in all species, a scalable operational infrastructure, and streamlines processes. With over 20 years of preclinical industry experience, Mike brings a breadth of knowledge to the Altasciences team. Prior to joining Altasciences, Mike was Senior Site Director at a large preclinical CRO. In his role there, he opened the company’s first purpose-built toxicology facility in Canada and later reopened the East Coast facility in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Outside of work, Mike enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and, whenever time permits, sailing and camping. He also rarely gives up the chance to ride his motorcycle. General Manager, Preclinical Services Altasciences “ Finding the right balance between change and growth is a challenge for every organization. Change is moving the company from where it is now to where it wants to be, and growth is building the right team to carry the change while ensuring a focus on customer service. At Altasciences, we have both, which makes my job a lot more fun, and success that much easier to achieve. ” Mike Broadhurst