b'Up Close & Personal withANAHITA KEYHANI, PhDWhenDr.Keyhaniisnotbusyleadingherteamofscientistsat Altasciences, she would usually be travelling the world visiting family and friends. Although during these current times, you will most likely find her reading books from some of her favorite authors: Jane Austen, Margaret Visser, Yuval Noah Harari, and Niall Ferguson.Aswenavigatethesetimesofchallengeandchange, Altasciencesbioanalyticalteamissafelyon-site, engaged and contributing to the progression of science in multiple domains. We are especially proud of the many partnerships we have forged with sponsors, allowing us to take steps forward in the development of COVID-19 treatments.Wehaveadaptedourworkenvironment, and remain vigilant for our health and safety to keep the laboratory humming along!Anahita Keyhani, PhDSeniorDirector,ScientificOperations,MassSpectrometry,MethodDevelopmentContact Dr. Keyhani here to chat all things bioanalysis.'