b'MESSAGE FROM OUR CEOFirst,Iwouldliketoexpresshow grateful I am for your continued trust and support. For close to 30 years, youandyourteamshavereliedon Altasciencescompaniestosupport andguideyouonyourjourney tobringbetterdrugstopatients worldwide. This is a responsibility my team and I take very seriously. it is thereasonwecometoworkevery day.Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have remained focused on meeting and exceeding your expectations. OurChris Perkinresilience, teamwork, skill, and passion forgoodscienceandinnovation,ChiefExecutiveOfficer,Altascienceshave allowed us to remain fully available and fully operational during these trying timesand you have been there with us. Your trust and support have not wavered. Manyadditionalsafetymeasureshavebeenputinplace,virtual meetingsandwebinarshavereplacedindustryconferences,video calls have replaced boardroom gatherings, and handshakes may very well be a thing of the pastbut know that the core of Altasciences has not changed.Keep scrolling to see what weve been up to.Stay well!Chris'