b'Thereareanumberofkeyfactorsthatcontributetorobustand effective recruitment and retention efforts, including those outlined below. 1 Study design.The design of your protocol, in particular the inclusion and exclusion criteria, will have a significant impact on recruitment success.Ensuringthatthe criteriaadequatelyrepresentthetarget populationandarepreciselydefined,whilemaintainingasmuch flexibilityaspossible,helpstomaximizerecruitment opportunities, and minimize screening failures.2 Recruitment strategies.A strong database of participants with complete medical profiles for accurate, targeted reach-out is a must. If you need patients or special populations, strategic partnerships and alliances with local hospitals and clinics allows for expanded access. Altascienceshasadatabase ofover345,000profiles,and aself-serveparticipantportal where interested individuals can register themselves for trials that match their profile. We also have excellent relationships with local hospitals and specialists for more challenging patient recruitment.3 Screening. Thoroughinformedconsentandcontinuous communication processes contribute to efficient screening practices. It is helpful to facilitate delivery of the consent form prior to the visit whenever possible, to allow sufficient time for reading, discussing with medicalstaffone-on-one,andsigning.Altasciencesworkflowsare planned with potential high-failure procedures conducted early in the process, to minimize costs to clients and save time for participants. We have continuous improvement projects in place to optimize wait times, efficiency, and quality of participant experience.'