b'BIOANALYTICAL PLATFORM SELECTIONA critical part of drug development is selecting the optimal bioanalytical platformforyourmolecule,dependingonthespecificpointinyour program. You can facilitate this process by partnering with a CRO that has recognized bioanalytical experts who are eager to collaborate with you on the key considerations, and determine the best approach for sample analysis at each stage of drug development.Some key considerations at each point of your development program: Budget. Whatever the size of your budget, a cost-effective solution is always the goal.Timeline. Look for a CRO that has a reputation for on-time delivery, and the expertise to ensure effective and efficient project progression.Study endpoints. The specific endpoints of your study are a major driver of decisions around platform selection.The end use of the data should be clearly defined at the outset, for informed decision-making.Efficient characterization of ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion)Platform selectivity and sensitivity. With the above information to consider, the features of each platform are the final variable. The available bioanalytical platforms each have distinct benefits.'