b'NEWLY RELEASEDScientific PublicationsDownload our most recent posters and case studies.1.Utilizing Nano Particulate Formulations in the Delivery of Poorly Soluble Drugs2.Altasciences Fills Need of Leading Cancer Therapeutic Drug Developer3.Co-Authored ArticleEvaluation of the Abuse Potential of Pitolisant,a Selective H3-Receptor Antagonist/Inverse Agonist, for the Treatmentof Adult Patients with Narcolepsy with or without Cataplexy4.Clinical Case StudyStability of ASO in Tissue Matrix5.Clinical Case StudyResolving Issues with Matrix Effect Oligonucleotides6.Quantitation of the Monoclonal Antibody Rituximab Using VAMS,Impact-Assisted Extraction, Trypsin Digestion and LC-MRM7.Determination of Centanafadine and Lactam Metabolite in a ComparisonLeading the Way in Clinical ResearchCO-AUTHORED ARTICLEPolyvalent Human Immune Globulin:A Prospective, Open-Label Study Assessing Anti-Hepatitis a Virus (HAV) Antibody Levels, Pharmacokinetics, and Safety in HAV-Seronegative Healthy SubjectsAuthored by: Martin Kankam, Bradley Vince, Jose Michaud, Altasciences Company Inc.Rhonda Griffin, Jeffrey Price, Wei Liang, Mariona Llorens, Grifols Bioscience Research GroupAna Sanz and David Vilardell, Grifols Bioscience Industrial GroupBrowse all scientific publications.'