b'INDUSTRY NEWS(contd)AlzamendNeuroContractsAltasciencesforPhaseIStudyof AL001 for Dementia Related to Alzheimers Disease InSeptember,Altasciencesbeganasix-monthPhaseIrelative bioavailability study for AL001 for dementia related to Alzheimers disease. The objective of this first-in-human study is to determine the safety, tolerability, and appropriate dosing for future studies. AL001 is a lithium-delivering ionic co-crystal under development as an oral treatment for patients with dementia related to mild, moderate, and severecognitiveimpairmentassociatedwithAlzheimersdisease. Read the press release.AltasciencesChiefScientificOfficer,Dr.BeatriceSetnik, Contributes to a Study on Difelikefalin Co-authoredbyDr.Setnik,thisjournalarticleforClinicaland Translational Science shares the findings from a study that assessed the effect of difelikefalin, a selective kappa opioid receptor agonist designedtolimitcentralnervoussystem(CNS)penetration,on keyrelevantmeasuresofrespiratorydepressioninhealthystudy participants.Difelikefalinisunderdevelopmentforthetreatment of pruritus. Its hydrophilic, small-peptide structure limits CNS entry, minimizing potential CNS-mediated adverse events. Read more.View all our latest news and videos.'