b'Up Close & Personal withBEN REED, BSWhenhesnotstarringin Altasciences Quick Chat series, Ben Reed is the Executive Vice President of our CDMO facility in Philadelphia, PA,ensuringthatmanufacturing and analytical services run smoothly, whilediscoveringinnovativeways tostreamlineoperationsforour sponsors. Professional Background Hebeganhiscareerinthe pharmaceutical and scientific industry morethan20yearsago,takingonBen Reed, BSmanagementrolesinallareasofExecutive Vice President, Operations, analyticalchemistry,includingrawManufacturing and Analytical Servicesmaterial release, stability, and method development. Ben also has an extensive background in the manufacturing of various dosage forms, from formulation development through to clinical manufacturing, and process validation for commercial manufacturing. And his expertise doesnt stop there! At Altasciences, Ben has sourced, purchased, and qualified every piece of equipment currently used at our manufacturing site. He also helped design two GMP and cGMP areas at Altasciences (for a total of five processing rooms), with another in the works.'