b'THE BENEFITS OF USINGLIQUID-FILLED CAPSULES IN CLINICAL TRIALSMore than 70 to 80% 1of the small molecule products entering the drug development pipeline today are poorly soluble small molecules. Updated screening methods and bioavailability enhancements have madeitpossibleforthesedrugstobecomeviabledevelopment candidates. Since poorly soluble drugs are difficult to formulate as tablets, formulation scientists are looking to two-piece, liquid-filled, hard-shell capsules (LFCs) as a solution.TheAdvantagesofLFCsfromFirst-in-HumanTrialsto CommercializationThemainadvantageofliquid-filled,hard-shellcapsulesistheir capacity to formulate compounds with poor solubility, especially with the large percentage of poorly soluble small molecules heading to first-in-human trials. LFCs give these molecules their best chance of success, allowing for speedy development and testing, so your product can advance quickly from R&D to the clinic. As your product advances through development, different dosages are not a problemthey can be manufactured on the same specifications by easilyadjustingtheamount ofactiveingredient.And whenits time to go to market, the scale-up of the manufacturing process for commercialization is straightforward, so there are no delays in getting the product on pharmacy shelves.'