b'LFCsa Competitive Advantage for Older ProductsHard-shell,gelatincapsulesoffer thepossibilityofcombination filling.Drugscanbeencapsulated in combination with a liquid in the formofbeads,microtablets,or pellets.Withthistechnology,you cancombinemultiplepreviously incompatibledrugsinasingle capsule,inaformulationthatis effective,stable,andesthetically pleasing to consumers.Liquid-filled capsules offera great opportunityforlineextensions, branddifferentiation,andrelaunch of older productsreintroducing existing products in a new format to revitalize the brand. Reformulating for faster onset of action, or better efficacy, or to combine two existing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)intoanew drugproduct,areall opportunitiesto getmore mileage out of existing molecules. Band Sealing Offers Additional BenefitsFilled capsules are sealed to avoid tampering and leakage. One sealing method involves applying a gelatin band to the joint between the cap and body of the capsule, and another option uses a hydro-alcoholic fusion process. Band sealing is a preferred option at Altasciences for several reasons:Does not require elemental impurities testing as there is no addition of alcoholFaster commercial equipment is available for band sealingBand seals provide tamper evidence for over-the-counter drugsUnique marketing/brand differentiation options through choice of band color'