b'FIVE WAYS ALTASCIENCES SIMPLIFIES THE DRUG DEVELOPMENT PROCESS FOR YOUBringingnew drugstomarket,fromlead candidateselectionthrough preclinicaltesting,toclinicalproofofconcept,isacomplex,time-consuming,andcostlyprocess.AtAltasciences,wehavemadeitour passion to simplify the journey for you, and deliver a stress-free drug developmentexperience.Wehandleallthecrucialearlystepstoget you on the path to market, always taking into consideration the unique circumstances of your program or study.How do we do it?1.Single-Source Drug Development. No longer will you need to work with multiple vendors, managing handoffs and data transfers between manufacturing and study facilities, and between preclinical and clinical study phases. As a single-source drug development CRO/CDMO, we take care of all that for you, with processes synchronized across our sites and services. We craft a customized scientific and operational roadmapforyouruniqueprogramthatleveragesefficiencies,and delivers a submission-ready data package for your molecule.'