b'The second problem was the excessively high viscosity of the suspension, rendering the suspension too thick to fill the capsules using conventional equipment. We were able to develop a solution and engineer custom parts to support the new process, creating a specialized filling nozzle to efficiently deliver the suspension into the capsule.RESULTSWith Altasciences, this developer had a collaborative partner on their team. We demonstrated expertise in identifying issues during the manufacturing process, and taking quick, intelligent actions to minimize potential product and monetary losses. Altasciences is capable of engineering customized equipment to help solve complex manufacturing problems, reducing potential productwaste,andsavingtimeandmoneyondrugbatches. Key drivers of our success are the genuine care that we have for our clients and our clients molecular products, along with the expertise to quickly and cost effectively deliver innovative results.Conclusion: A Scalable Solutionfor Solubility ChallengesLFCs have the potential to transform formulation challenges into simplesolutions.Theyofferahighlymarketabledosageform due to their capability to encapsulate different combinations of tablets, pellets, caplets, and capsules in liquid. Last but not least, they offer patient benefits with increased solubility, bioavailability and sustained release drug delivery.As an integrated CRO/CDMO, Altasciences can quickly determine if your API has the attributes to benefit from a LFC dosage form, and get your drug to market faster.Source: https://www.americanpharmaceuticalreview.com/Featured-Articles/573402-Poor-Solubility-Where-Do-We-Stand-25-Years-after-the-Rule-of-Five/'