b'2. Low DoseLow-doseAPIsareidealcandidatesforLFCsbecauseliquid combinations provide greater uniformity for low-dose products than powder combinations (with a capacity of 0.25g/capsule), and can significantly reduce the number of studies required to achieve drug stability. In powder combinations, content uniformity tends to vary much more, especially when manufacturing smaller batches. LFCs are also ideal when handling highly potent products which must be administered in low doses.3. High PotencyThe incorporation of potent drugs into LFCs during formulation and processing significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination and airborne exposure to operators during the manufacturing process.Theyarealsoeasiertohandleandbehavemore predictably, reducing the need for costly containment methods.4. Speed / Sustained ReleaseWith LFCs, drug formulation and polymer composition of the capsule can be customized to accommodate APIs with different propertiesanddesireddissolutionprofiles.Theyarehighly desirable if your drug requires a sustained release profile. During drugdevelopment,itisimportanttochoosetheappropriate excipienttobeabletomodifythereleaserateoftheactive ingredientwhilemaximizingeffectivenessandminimizingside effects.'