b'Why should you consider liquid-filled capsules over tablets?At Altasciences, we summarize the benefits of LFCs with what wecallthe5SsSPEED,SAVINGS,SOLUBILITY,SAFETY, SCALABILITY.Speed & Savings LFCs can be formulated faster than a tabletIt is faster and more Start of project in 3-6 weekscost-efficient to get into the clinic with LFCs Quicker entry into the clinic with an LFC versus a tabletMuch lower development costs when compared to tablets or powder-filled capsulesSolubility Can lower the dose of the product through the use of solubility and LFCs can provide betterbioavailability enhancerstherapeutic outcomes Capable of ultra-low dose uniformity (0.25g/capsule)Safety Limits the routes of exposure to potent APIs (API is contained in the capsule)LFCs are safer and easierAllows easier and safer handling of when working with highlypotent APIs once wetted (no dust)potent compoundsScalability Easier to quickly adjust dosages in LFCs for SAD/MADsScale-up & flexibility Final dosage form is not needed until Phase II, we can switch to tablets then if neededIt is easier to scale up LFCs from preclinical to clinical to commercial volumes. There are typically fewer steps in the scale-up process'