b'CASE STUDYAltasciences Fills Need of Leading Cancer Therapeutic Drug DeveloperExpertise, dedication, quality, cost effectiveness, and speed. In the health care industry, these values are commonly stated but not often achieved. Altasciences CDMO is a proven exception to the rule. Oursteadfast commitmentto each customerrelationship is the reason drug developers engage us to solve problems and deliver innovative results.CHALLENGEA leading developer of novel cancer therapeutics was experiencing persistentmanufacturingprocessissues.Theircontract manufacturingpartnerswereunabletodeliveraconsistent process for liquid-filled capsules, which resulted in the loss of very expensive batches of product. Theirtechniciansandengineerswereunabletodiagnosethe problem, and thus could not develop a solution. They outsourced diagnosis and resolution to half a dozen larger CMOs, each without success, and finally, they turned to Altasciences.SOLUTIONWehadextensiveexperienceworkingwithvirtual,small,and mid-sized pharma companies, with particular expertise in liquid-filled capsules of API in suspensions. Our engineers were able to diagnose two different problems.The first problem was the hydrophobic nature of the API and the interaction with the capsule banding material. Working closely with the client and the manufacturer of the equipment, we were ableto developanout oftheboxsolutionforapplyingthe banding material to the capsule.'