b'Poorly soluble molecules comprise more than 70% to 80% 1of the small molecule products entering the drug development pipeline today, thanks to updated screening methods and bioavailability enhancements. Since poorly soluble drugs are difficult to formulate as tablets, formulation scientists are looking to two-piece, liquid-filled hard-shell capsules as a solution. Liquid-filled, two-piece, hard-shell capsules (LFCs) offer several advantagesoverothersoliddosageforms,suchaseaseof scalabilityandmanufacturing,fasterabsorption,simpler packaging, and higher product stability. They also offer abuse-deterrent benefits because they make it harder to insufflate, inject, or alter the extended-release properties of potent drugs. WithLFCs,scientistscaneffectivelyformulatepoorlysoluble drugs and supplements, while reducing development time and costs. Simple Manufacturing ProcessDISPENSE MIX FILL SEALThey also provide a versatile solution for the safe and effective handlinganddeliveryofhighlypotentactivepharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) and other complex active pharmaceutical ingredients(APIs),whichrequirecontrolledhandlingduring manufacture to minimize risk to operators.'