b'Other Benefits of Using Liquid-Filled CapsulesUnlikesoftgels,hard-shell gelatin capsules offerthepossibility of combination filling. Drugs can be encapsulated in the form of beads, micro tablets, and pellets, in combination with the liquid formulation. In this way, you can incorporate multiple previously incompatible drugs in a single capsule, in a formulation that is effective, stable, and esthetically pleasing to consumers.Because of these qualities, LFCs offer a great opportunity for line extensions, and brand differentiation, in the competitive pharma market.LFCsareanidealoptionforreintroducingexisting products in a new format to revitalize the brand. Reformulating for faster onset of action, or better efficacy, or to combine two existing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) into a new drug product, are all opportunities to get more mileage out of existing molecules.'