b'Up Close & Personal withFRANCIS DOUVILLEFrancis Douville joined the Altasciences team in 2018 as Vice President, Technical Operations, for our preclinical facilityinSeattle,Washington.Francisoverseesour scientific services, validation and equipment, and training groups, as well as leads the anatomic pathology group. Working closely with these teams, he ensures that all processes comply with industry regulations and follow bestpractices.Focusedonstreamliningoperations throughprocessimprovement,Francisstrivesto empowerAltasciencesteamsandsponsorstomake quick and efficient decisions supported by quality data.Prior to joining Altasciences, Francis worked at Charles River Laboratories for over 15 years, where he occupied various leadership roles in the United States, Canada, and China. He was responsible for managing all in vivo, pathology, and laboratory sciences technical staff. When Francis is not busy with the operations of Altasciences preclinical facility, he spends his time outdoors enjoying activities, such as skiing, fishing, hiking, and camping, in the Pacific Northwest.Working in operations allows me to learn every aspect of our business, from finance and purchasing to building and opening new facilities. It challenges me on a daily basis. Im honored to be able to work with people that are passionate about animal welfare,andfostera culture of collaborationandteamwork.I feel privileged to be part of an organization that helps advance drug development through preclinical and clinical research, and improves the quality of life of those needing medications.Francis DouvilleVicePresident,TechnicalOperations,Altasciences'