b'More than 90% of our animals (NHPs and others) are socially housed, including European housing. Our compassionate, respectful approach ensures the animals wellbeing at all times, and minimizes confounding effects from stress and other impacts.Whenitcomestimeforthebioanalysisofyourstudysamples, Altasciencesexpertsinassaydevelopmentandvalidationareat your disposal. We have a dedicated, state-of-the-art ligand binding lab, offering a range of quantitative, immunogenicity, and biomarker assays. Our on-siteflow cytometrylab offersrapidturnaroundfor analysis of immune endpoints via cytokine and biomarker readings. Finally, your SEND-compliant data will be ready within three weeks of study completion, and we can archive your samples and data in our dedicated, temperature- and humidity-controlled facility.Your biologics safety testing is in good hands with Altasciences, a fully integrated, mid-size CRO that has the offerings and services to effectively move your product from preclinical to proof of concept (and beyond!) with speed and ease.*Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (AFIS); USDA Animal Welfare Act; Office of LaboratoryAnimalWelfare(OLAW);AssociationforAssessmentandAccreditationof Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC).'