b'Does the drug cause physical dependency?Related to but distinct from abuse potential is the possibility of physical dependency; that is withdrawal symptoms when the drug is stopped suddenly. These are critical points to be aware of, as the drug will require scheduling and warning language on the labelling. Although physicaldependencyevaluationsaretypicallyperformedduring drug discontinuation in Phase II/III trials, these assessments need to be carefully planned and included in the study design. When abrupt drug discontinuation may be contraindicated in a patient population, a dedicated physical dependency (withdrawal) study may be needed in healthy normal volunteers. Altasciences can help you determine what type of evaluation may be needed and what measures are best suited to evaluate your investigational drug.Doesthedrugimpairdriving ability?How is a patients driving affected while undertheeffectofthedrug,orthe morningafter?Determiningwhether ornotthereisaneedtoconduct dedicateddrivingimpairmentstudies will depend on early data collected for yourdrug.Drivingsimulationstudies requirespecializedequipmentand highlytrainedstaff.AtAltasciences, we are the only North American CRO withpermanentlyinstalleddriving simulators in our clinic. Our experts can alsorecommendsurrogatemeasures ofmotorfunctionandcognitionthat can help determine early on if further testing will be required (or waived) for your program.'