b'NEWLY RELEASEDScientific PublicationsDownload the most recent posters from our preclinical team.1.Feasibility Assessment of Subcutaneous Radio-Telemetry Device Implantation in Cynomolgus Monkeys2.Comparing Cytokine Data to In-Life Parameters on Non-Human Primates in Non-clinical Toxicology Studies3.Establishment of a Historical Database for Normal Cynomolgus Macaque Spermatozoa Evaluation in Male Reproductive Toxicology Studies4.Procedure Development for Repeat Infusions in Juvenile Monkeys5.Analysis and Comparison of Major Immune Cell Populations in Peripheral Blood of Nave Cynomolgus Monkeys6.Assessment of Receptor Occupancy via Flow Cytometry: Benefits and Pitfalls of Two Common ApproachesLeading the Way in BioanalysisBrowse all our scientific publications.'