b'Moreover, a fully integrated preclinical to clinical CRO, who will work with you to design your program end-to-end, and maintains constant, open communication to ensure any significant results are reflected in the next stage, can significantly reduce the cost and time needed to take your drug to market.With Altasciences, you have an industry-leading, 210,000-square-foot preclinical facility that is renowned for NHP work, with housing for over 3,000. We have experience with many routes of administration, includingexpertiseininfusion.Infact,werecentlydevelopedan innovativemethodofdeliveringinfusiontojuvenileNHPsthat minimizes stress on the animals and facilitates the process [see poster].We have decades of experience working with NHPs, and our scientific teamhasunparalleledexpertisetofullysupporteveryaspect ofyourstudy,fromdesigntobioanalysis,tofinaldeliveryoftheSEND-compliant report. We hold a 98% on-time reporting record.We are exceptionally proud of our Animal Welfare program, led by a Chief Animal Welfare Officer with more than 25 years experience. We have a full-time Behavioral Specialist on staff, supported by two technicians, who deliver enrichment and socialization programs that ensure the emotional and psychological health of the NHPs under our care is always a priority. Our veterinary experts and lab technicians are all fully trained experts who strictly adhere to all relevant industry guidelines.*'