b'TRUSTED PARTNERS FORSAFETY TESTING OF BIOLOGICSPreclinicalsafetytestingofyourbiologicisacriticalfirststep towards the development of a human therapeutic agent. Thorough, accurate data on signs of toxicity, off-target effects, or exaggerated pharmacology are important to identify at the very outset of your development program. Gathering data about receptor availability in healthy subjects and how the biologic agent occupies the receptor(s) informs critical decisions for the upcoming study phases.PartneringwithatrustedCROthathassignificant,long-term experience with the non-human primates (NHPs) needed for this type of research improves your chances of obtaining complete and relevant data in a timely manner. Aligning with a partner that has demonstrated strongscientificleadership,anexcellentqualityprogram,andis actively engaged in animal welfare reduces the challenges associated with these critical early safety studies.'