b'INDUSTRY NEWSFebruary was animal welfare month at Altasciences, during which ourpreclinicalstaffdemonstratedtheircontinuedcommitmentto the humane treatment of the animals in their care through various activities, presentations, and treats specially made for the animals. Altasciences has developed a leading animal welfare program that complies with the highest regulatory standards and is founded on the basis of compassion, integrity, and care for the animals mental and physical health. The program includes dedicated application of the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement) and all employees Pledge for CARE (Compassion Alternatives Reduction Enrichment) by signing a contract reinforcing their commitment.Weareextremelyproudofouranimaladoptionprogramwhere eligible species used in our preclinical research can be adopted by our employees and provided with a safe and loving home. Prior to adoption, we obtain approval from the sponsor, as well as the Attending Veterinarian and General Manager at our preclinical facility. The animals arethenscreenedandexaminedbyAltasciencesveterinariansto ensure they are in good health. They may be spayed, neutered, and vaccinated if required before leaving the premises.Our program is in line with the recent policy released by the FDA in support of adoption of research animals. Altasciencesuniqueapproach tominimizingstressand maximizingthewell-beingof our research animals is a priority. For Altasciences, animal welfare ismorethanaprogram,itis acommitmentthatisdeeply embedded in our culture.'