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Liquid-filled, two-piece capsules present pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement scientists with a tool to effectively formulate poorly soluble drugs and supplements, while reducing development time and costs. Liquid filling also offers the ability to control R&D compounds, which are expensive and in limited supply.

Gelatin Capsules: the Market Standard for Many Years

  • High-quality product matches the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Excellent performance on high-speed capsule filling and sealing machines
  • Can be filled with SSM formulations up to 70° C
  • Compatible with a range of excipients for improving bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs

Quali-V® Capsules: Hypromellose Capsules Made From Plant-Derived Materials

  • Proven pharmaceutical performance
  • Meets all compendia dissolution requirements
  • Compatible with a wider range of excipients than gelatin
  • Preferred for hygroscopic fills
  • Exceptional for low-humidity applications, no brittleness
  • Maintains shell mechanical strength at low moisture contents
  • Can be filled with SSM formulations up to 80° C
  • Ideal for new drug development

Benefits of Liquid-Filled, Two-Piece Capsules

  • Simple and cost effective formulation. Liquid capsules require no binders, lubricants, or plasticizers commonly found in traditional solid-dosage forms and soft gels. Aqueous and non-aqueous liquids to semi-solids can be filled and banded.
  • Absorption and bioavailability are enhanced. Your API is already in solution or dispersed suspension.
  • Integrated tamper proofing. Banded capsules provide a non-permeable barrier.
  • Liquid-filled, two-piece capsules are better than soft gel capsules. Thinner wall construction allows for smaller capsule sizes and more efficient and complete dissolution over soft gels.
  • Unique branding opportunities. Nearly infinite choices of capsule and banding colors provide a wealth of product differentiation options. From clear capsules and clear bands to two-color capsules and contrasting band color — the combinations are endless.

Working as a flexible, attentive extension of your team, we offer comprehensive drug development services to move your molecule forward.

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