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Our expertise in many therapeutic areas of clinical research ensures that we move your molecule forward, whether through our preclinical, clinical, or bioanalytical service offerings. As a full development program or a stand-alone service, we apply our expertise in therapeutic areas in clinical research to everything we do. We will help seamlessly transition your molecule through the phases of development in any of our therapeutic specialties, helping you get your drug to market faster.


Our experience in general toxicology, safety pharmacology, and clinical pharmacology spans a wide range of therapeutic specialties, both small and large molecules. Across the therapeutic areas of clinical research, we analyze numerous biomarkers, and are always adding new validated methods to our panels that cover preclinical and clinical matrices. Finally, we have extensive experience in designing and conducting proof-of-concept studies in healthy participants or patients.

Cardiology - Therapeutic Expertise Cardiology


Move your cardiology compound from preclinical to early clinical efficiently, with a CRO that has worked on 30 different cardiology compounds across more than 70 studies. We can quickly de-risk your molecule with preclinical cardiovascular studies and with early cardiac safety assessment in early clinical studies.

Our preclinical and clinical experience spans a wide range of cardiology indications, including arrhythmias, hypertension, dyslipidemias, and congestive heart failure. Preclinical programs can be conducted across different species with robust safety pharmacology cardiovascular studies. Our preclinical facility has a specially designed room for ECG monitoring by telemetry. Our clinics are equipped with telemetry and staffed by a trained cardiac team.

Dermatology - Therapeutic Expertise Dermatology


Working with a dermatology expert from preclinical to proof of concept can help to speed up your development program. As one of our therapeutic specialties, Altasciences conducts specific safety assessments for locally acting dermatology therapies and proof of concept in locally or centrally acting therapies, including both small and large molecules.

We assess toxicology of topical therapies, including edema/erythema measurement and Draize scoring, using mini pigs or NHPs. In the clinic, we collaborate closely with our consulting dermatologists who perform specialized assessments, such as biopsies or scoring lesion severity. If your locally acting product requires irritation and sensitization studies, our dedicated clinic areas can offer different climates, and can enroll up to 200 participants in one day.

Consult our Topical Products Trials Fact Sheet

Gastroenterology - Therapeutic Expertise Gastroenterology


We offer extensive preclinical and clinical expertise in the gastrointestinal therapeutic area of clinical trials, with over 100 Phase I/II PK or PD studies involving drugs acting systemically or locally in the GI tract. This includes general toxicology studies in a number of different species, as well as examining preclinical colitis and proctitis models. Our clinical pharmacology capabilities cover all study types, supported by a gastroenterologist Principal Investigator with experience in over 1,000 clinical studies.

Safety or efficacy monitoring is done via endoscopy, colonoscopy, intragastric pH monitoring, and X-ray imaging with barium. Additionally, we have experience with barostat model of colon pain and with PK sampling from ileostomy pouch.

Case Studies

  • A Study to Evaluate the Effect of SYN-004 on the PK of IV Ceftriaxone in Adults With a Functioning Ileostomy
  • An Interaction Study Evaluating the Effect of Esomeprazole on SYN-004 Degradation of Ceftriaxone In Adults With an Ileostomy
  • A Study to Evaluate Safety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetics of trimebutine 3-Thiocarbamoylbenzenesulfonate (GIC-1001) in a Randomized Phase I Integrated Design Study: Single and Multiple Ascending Doses and Effect of Food in Healthy Volunteers
  • A Phase Ib Clinical Study on the Analgesic Effect of NCE on Visceral Pain under Rectal Distension and Rectal Sensory Threshold using the Barostat Method in Male and Female Healthy Volunteers

Consult our Gastroenterology Trials Fact Sheet

Hematology - Therapeutic Expertise Hematology


Support your early phase hematology program by partnering with a CRO that has relevant preclinical and clinical expertise, aided by efficacy measures using flow cytometry or coagulation measures, including thromboelastography (TEG) and bioanalytical methods for a number of biomarkers.

Both our preclinical and clinical facilities perform flow cytometry, including when methods require samples to be analyzed within four hours of collection. We investigate coagulation directly or look for changes in different components of the coagulation cascade. If the focus is on the immune system, we have validated methods for a number of steps in the complement pathway.

Immunology - Therapeutic Expertise Immunology


Support the development of your immunology compound by working with a CRO that has the relevant therapeutic area expertise — and the flexible, collaborative approach — you need. With over 250,000 square feet of analytical laboratories spanning both our preclinical and clinical sites, Altasciences’ experience in analyzing immune endpoints is best positioned to meet your molecule’s development needs. Our biomarker panels, including the complement pathway and flow cytometry assessments, will allow you to seamlessly translate your preclinical findings to the clinical phase. Whether small or large molecules, we have the experience in conducting many types of programs, with scientific and technical expertise in the preclinical setting, and clinics that are set up and staffed with expert teams to ensure the safety in first-in-human studies for immune modulators.

Infectious Disease - Therapeutic Expertise Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases

Maximize the efficiency of your infectious disease program by leveraging our significant preclinical and clinical therapeutic specialties expertise. Our preclinical site has the advantage of BSL-2 designation because of its NHP population. Clinically, our experts in infectious disease have conducted more than 140 studies for acute or chronic infections, performed in healthy participants and patient populations.

We have performed a number of clinical trials by therapeutic area, examining efficacy to establish proof-of-concept in several diseases, including hepatitis C, and influenza. Our experience in healthy participants includes antivirals, vaccines, antifungals, antibiotics, and antiparasitics.

Case Studies

Consult our Hepatitis Trials Fact Sheet
Consult our Infectious Diseases Trials Fact Sheet

  • 140+ studies for acute or chronic infections
Metabolism - Therapeutic Expertise Metabolism and Endocrinology

Metabolism and Endocrinology

Beyond the standard clinical chemistry and lipid panels to assess disorders in this therapeutic specialty, our preclinical services include specialized assays such as A1C, and specialized tests such as glucose tolerance to further evaluate molecules in this area. In the clinic, we have conducted over 75 early stage trials involving antidiabetic and hypoglycemic agents in patients who are diabetic (Type I and II), obese, or have metabolic syndrome or NASH. These include a large number of proof-of-concept studies investigating different measures of glucose tolerance, including clamping studies using state-of-the-art YSI-2900 that can analyze multiple glucose samples per run.

Consult our Dyslipidemia Trials Fact Sheet
Consult our Metabolic Disorders Trials Fact Sheet
Consult our issue of The Altascientist on Metabolic Disorders

  • 75+ studies involving antidiabetic and hypoglycemic agents
Neurology - Therapeutic Expertise Neurology


Neurology is one of the key therapeutic areas of clinical trials conducted at Altasciences. We have completed more than 200 preclinical and clinical neurology studies. Whether large or small molecule, we can help move your compound through early development seamlessly and efficiently. Our preclinical expertise covers the complete range of general toxicology and safety pharmacology studies, and includes 24-hour video monitoring and performing functional observation battery tests to assess behavioral changes.

We have performed proof-of-concept studies using pain models in patients and healthy participants, and investigated sleep in patients with different forms of insomnia, as well as looking at smoking cessation with the human laboratory model of smoking behaviors. We also have experience with Substance Abuse, Insomnia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, depression, and social anxiety. Finally, we have extensive expertise in testing of abuse potential for opioids, stimulants, sedative hypnotics, and cannabinoids, and are also highly regarded for testing cognitive effects of centrally acting drugs, including driving simulation studies.

Consult our Central Nervous System Trials Fact Sheet

  • 200+ neurological studies
Oncology - Therapeutic Expertise Oncology


Our preclinical oncology expertise can move your compound into patients, and we have clinical expertise with a number of non-cytotoxic oncology compounds. Drawing on a broad range of preclinical experience in oncology, we are accustomed to fast-tracking development so that you can proceed to patient studies as rapidly as possible. Our experience in oncology extends to the clinic, with experience testing nine different tyrosine kinase inhibitors in healthy participants.

  • 9 different tyrosine kinase inhibitors studied
Opthalmology - Therapeutic Expertise Ophthalmology


Early development of your ophthalmology compound will be supported by our experience and capabilities, starting with our preclinical experience with ocular products, where we collaborate with certified veterinary ophthalmologists to interpret results. When you are ready for clinical studies, you can benefit from our partnerships with local ophthalmology clinics to perform safety or efficacy assessments in healthy participants or patients. Our Montreal facility has an ophthalmologist Principal Investigator with his own clinic in the same building, who performs assessments both at his office and at our clinic. Our team has expertise in first-in-human studies and local tolerability of ocular products.

Orthopedic - Therapeutic Expertise Orthopedics


Altasciences brings your orthopedics and musculoskeletal molecule through preclinical to proof of concept. Our experience with proof-of-concept studies in healthy participants and patient populations, such as those with osteoarthritis, includes models such as the 6-minute walk test or stair challenge, and imaging using X-ray, MRI, CT, or DEXA at our preclinical and clinical sites. Finally, our panels include a number of inflammatory biomarkers.

Consult our Pain Models Fact Sheet

Psychiatry - Therapeutic Expertise Psychiatry


Altasciences has therapeutic specialty expertise in psychiatric research, conducting studies from preclinical to clinical proof of concept in patients. Our preclinical expertise covers the complete range of general toxicology and safety pharmacology studies, and includes 24-hour video monitoring and performing functional observation battery tests to assess behavioral changes.

Our clinical expertise is augmented by two Principal Investigators who are psychiatrists, and our experience covers substance abuse, epilepsy, anxiety disorder, smoking cessation, panic disorder, depression, ADHD, and sleep disorders. As your clinical development proceeds, we can conduct the human abuse potential testing and driving simulator studies that will likely be required, two areas where we have extensive expertise.

Consult our Central Nervous System Trials Fact Sheet

  • 2 decades in psychiatric research
Respirology Pulmonary - Therapeutic Expertise Respirology


You can count on an efficient development of your compound to treat respiratory/pulmonary disorders, leveraging our preclinical and clinical experience with investigating both systemic and locally acting therapies. Our clinics have units with specialized air handling systems that quickly exchange air to minimize cross-contamination between dosed participants. Our staff consistently trains patients on using different pulmonary devices to ensure consistent dosing. We are adept at pulmonary function testing, and have pulmonologists and respiratory technicians on site to assist in study design or with assessments.

Consult our Pulmonary Trials Fact Sheet

Rheumatology - Therapeutic Expertise Rheumatology


Altasciences can help support you in the development of your rheumatology compound, delivering the preclinical, clinical, and bioanalytical expertise and experience you need. We have extensive preclinical and clinical experience testing immune modulators backed up by a battery of biomarkers, including components of the complement pathway and cytokines.

Substance Abuse - Therapeutic Expertise Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse

Altasciences offers leading preclinical and clinical sites for substance use disorders, one of our key therapeutic areas of clinical trials, including expertise across a wide variety of mechanisms of action. Our experience in general toxicology, safety pharmacology, and clinical pharmacology covers a wide range of compounds, including oral, IM, IV, and implanted products. We also analyze a number of biomarkers and efficacy outcomes using visual analogue scales (VAS) and questionnaires.

Our robust database of patients combined with our upscale facilities enable us to deliver rapid enrolment and excellent retention rates. Our sites have controlled substance licenses, including a DEA Schedule I license to conduct research with tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol in Kansas City. Cannabis study start times at our Montreal site have been positively impacted by the legalization of cannabis in Canada.


  • 40+ years combined experience by our principal investigators
Urology - Therapeutic Expertise Urology


Leverage our preclinical and clinical expertise to help you tackle the development needs of your urology compound. Having conducted almost 30 studies, we are skilled in general toxicology, safety pharmacology, and clinical pharmacology of a wide range of compounds. Our experience covers treatments for urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, benign prostate hyperplasia, and prostate cancer. We can also analyze a number of different biomarkers. With our extensive patient database and outreach, we can help you establish proof of concept by recruiting patients across a range of urological conditions.

  • ~30 studies completed
Women's Health - Therapeutic Expertise Women’s Health

Women’s Health

Altasciences is actively involved in women’s health studies, having conducted preclinical and clinical studies with products for breast cancer, oral contraception, fertility treatment, hot flashes, and hypoactive sexual disorder. Our experience includes a wide range of compounds, delivered orally, vaginally, or by implant, and we have validated methods for the majority of marketed contraceptives, fertility treatments, and hormone replacement therapies.

We have a large database of healthy pre- and postmenopausal women, and have access to a number of patient populations through our own database and partnerships with local fertility clinics. Imaging includes transvaginal ultrasounds and DEXA. We work with local gynecologists for specialized exams or biopsies.

  • 20+ years as a leading CRO in women’s health

Therapeutic - FAQs

Is your participant database searchable by therapeutic area?

Our database of over 350,000 participants contains comprehensive, detailed individual medical profiles and screening histories, searchable by therapeutic area. We also develop recruitment strategies specific to the therapeutic areas of clinical research required by our sponsors.

Does Altasciences have expertise in therapeutic specialties with both large and small molecules?

The clinical trials we conduct include both large and small molecules, in therapeutic specialties ranging from CNS to immunology, dermatology to cardiology, and many other therapeutic areas. We also have manufacturing for small molecules and supporting services for all our preclinical and clinical therapeutic specialties.

Which therapeutic areas of clinical research require purpose-built facilities?

Altasciences is proud of our specialized facilities, including 10 on-site driving simulators for CNS or other studies, negative pressure inhalation facilities for inhaled products, and secured pharmacies and clinical pharmacology units for controlled substance studies. Of course we also have the facilities (400 beds in two North American locations) to conduct clinical trials in a wide range of therapeutic areas not requiring specialized facilities.

Do you have access to patients or special populations as necessary for specific clinical trials by therapeutic area?

We have relationships with local hospitals and clinics to ensure that we can conduct clinical trials with patients, or in specific population or age groups, as necessary for your projects. We can accommodate long or short stays in our upscale, well-appointed, North-American clinical pharmacology units.

Working as a flexible, attentive extension of your team, we offer comprehensive drug development services to move your molecule forward.

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