Recruiting volunteers for a clinical trial is vital to its success, but once volunteers are in house it’s paramount to retain them through the length of the study. This could be one night or it could be weeks. Also, there could be one in-house period or several where the volunteer must return to the clinic again and again for several over-night stays.

So, the question as a clinical research site is, how do we keep our study volunteers happy and retain them for the length of the trial?

We believe volunteers are heroes!

These men and women volunteer for clinical research, which is conducted to benefit global health. That is why we go above and beyond to ensure that our volunteers are safe, comfortable, and willing to fulfill the study requirements. Our unparalleled recruitment and retention rates can be attributed to our top notch staff and state-of-the-art amenities.

Think about it from the perspective of a volunteer. You sign on to be in a study with an in-house period of twelve nights. What do you do for a dozen days away from home? Yes, sleeping and study procedures would take up a few hours of the day, but what about the other ten or twelve hours a day? Also, you’re being compensated for each day you stay, that’s true, but wouldn’t you be more likely to stay if you had access to the latest hit movies and TV shows, video game systems, high-speed Wi-Fi and delicious meals prepared for you?

Upon visiting our clinic, more than one sponsor has made the joke “it’s like a spa. Can I stay here?” Volunteers often express how relaxing their stay is.

We know how important it is for our biopharmaceutical clients to get reliable study data for their early phase clinical trials, especially those complex healthy normal volunteer trials and adaptive designs involving patient cohorts. We think it’s equally important to provide the best experience possible for our study volunteers. They help us in our mission to invest in the future of clinical research to benefit global health and help find cures for people who are suffering on a daily basis.

At Altasciences, we view our volunteers as heroes because they are the key to helping save human lives one at a time.