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  • Webinar

    Webinar - Amphetamine to Zolpidem: Navigating the ABCs of Early Phase CNS Drug and Cannabinoid Development

    Mar 19, 2020

    CNS drug development continues to evolve with changing regulations, particularly in light of prescription drug abuse and risk/benefit optimization.  The uncertainty with regulations around emerging therapeutics, including cannabinoids, adds to the confusion. Navigating a successful regulatory and commercial pathway for CNS drugs can pose challenges and delays when requirements are not met. In addition to NDA-enabling phase I studies, specialty studies may be required to further evaluate your risk/benefit profile and support a drug scheduling recommendation. This webinar will present a comprehensive overview of early phase CNS drug development and will help you navigate the regulatory requirements for successful submission.  

  • Webinar

    Webinar - Strategic Considerations for a Successful CNS Clinical Development Pathway

    Mar 18, 2020

    Central Nervous System (CNS) drug evaluation requires the assessment of specific safety endpoints, such as the drug’s potential to cause impairing effects on driving, the likelihood that it may be abused or misused, or the risk of causing withdrawal symptoms if abruptly discontinued. Evaluation of CNS effects in Phase I studies can be very helpful in determining if dedicated driving simulator, abuse potential, and dependence studies are needed. Furthermore, including drug effect evaluations and measures of cognition in early studies enables better pharmacological characterization since larger dose ranges are studied. Methods for determining the need for additional studies will enable developers to accurately project their clinical development timeline and have more informed discussions with regulatory agencies

  • Webinar

    Webinar - SOT Virtual Poster Session

    Mar 18, 2020

    Get the most of Altasciences’ preclinical NHP expertise by attending two sessions, covering six distinct topics 1. Feasibility analysis of two locations for radio telemetry device implantation; 2. Spermatozoa evaluation in normal cynomolgus macaque 3. Juvenile cynomolgus macaque infusion procedures; 4. Cytokine data vs. in-life parameters in NHP 5. Major immune cell populations in peripheral blood of naïve cynomolgus macaque; 6. Assessment of receptor occupancy via flow cytometry

  • Webinar

    Webinar - Bioanalysis by Hybridization ELISA for Antisense Oligonucleotides

    Mar 10, 2020

    How hybridization ELISA can be an effective approach to quantify antisense oligonucleotides in circulation and in their targeted tissue. (1) the advantages and limitations of hybridization ELISA; (2) the different types of hybridization ELISAs and how to choose the right format; (3) the possible platforms to use for hybridization ELISA; (4) the common bioanalytical issues encountered and mitigation plans; (5) the most common challenges encountered with different matrices and tissues.

  • Webinar

    Webinar - Cracking the pill: A journey of exploring abuse deterrent methods from the laboratory, clinic, and to the real user

    Jan 22, 2020

    The evolving laboratory and clinical methods, as they apply to both opioids and stimulants. Included is a rare candid interview with recreational drug users that will provide you with a direct, unique perspective around their behaviors and experiences with existing abuse-deterrent formulations.

  • Webinar

    Webinar - Harnessing Bioanalytical Data in Early Phase Clinical Pharmacology

    Jan 17, 2020

    A discussion on how bioanalytical data is used in early phase clinical trials to advance drug development.

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