Top 10 Drug Discovery & Preclinical CROs to watch as we inch closer to Q4 and 2020, Brandon Miller

Altasciences – Private Equity-backed and recent rebranding with digital marketing and media that plays like you’re watching a flick in the theatre, Altasciences is making noise with the vertical integration of its end-to-end capabilities since the acquisition of SNBL USA’s preclinical site in Everett, WA. The company’s leadership comes from a vast background of preclinical, beginning with CTBR – now Charles River. We’ve seen this approach before, but for some reason (I think much of it is company culture and leadership oriented / familiarity with preclinical AND clinical) Altasciences looks to have the winning formula. It will also be interesting to watch their strategic partnership with WuXi and how it impacts pulling preclinical programs into the clinic.