Development Programs

Altasciences can provide a customized, end-to-end pathway for your drug development programs, from lead candidate selection through early phase clinical trials. Our platform enables biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to work with a single, integrated partner to develop molecules through to human proof of concept. Minimizing handoffs throughout the process results in faster timelines and reduced costs.

Our teams of toxicologists, clinical pharmacologists, doctors, bioanalytical principle investigators, and technical staff have a knowledge base that spans a wide range of compounds, study types, therapeutic areas, and routes of administration. We welcome all questions regarding guidance and services you may require to move your compound through the many milestones of early drug development.

Your Altasciences Program Manager will serve as a single point of contact for the entire life of your program, helping your test article advance from one milestone to the next and proactively sharing your preferences across all of our operational groups. Our mantra is: Tell us once…


The process from lead molecule identification to approval can be long and complicated. Altasciences is here to help streamline and accelerate you through it.

This chart is not to scale and reflects one example of a development path and sequence followed; actual sequence, length and types of studies may vary based on indication, molecule and program needs. All development programs need to be customized depending on the molecule, mechanism of action and indication. However, for biologics the studies required for each program differs to an even greater extent due to the need for relevant models and the ADME for biologics being so different than small molecules. Please Contact us to learn more about the different requirements.


Preclinical Services

Our Preclinical Services include in vitro and in vivo studies that span lead optimization during discovery to non-clinical studies in rodent and non-rodent species that support drug development through Phase III. We provide a wide range of toxicology and laboratory services that meet global regulatory standards, and are experts at bridging safety assessments for entry into human trials.


Clinical Services

Our Clinical Services span from first-in-human studies to proof-of-concept to all the clinical pharmacology studies required before approval, including supporting studies such as driving simulation and QT assessments. Altasciences is a recognized leader in conducting first-in-human studies in both healthy normal volunteers and patient populations, with both small and large molecules.


Bioanalysis & Research Services

At any point in the process, from discovery through approval, you can rely on our Bioanalysis & Research Services to move your development forward. Our comprehensive full-service model complements our preclinical, nonclinical and clinical offerings to best meet your needs.



Our deep expertise and capabilities in a broad range of therapeutic areas encompasses preclinical and early clinical studies for both small molecules and biologics. We can manage your entire program, as well as provide support research services and bioanalytical expertise

Please see Therapeutic Areas for a fuller discussion of our capabilities and expertise.

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Tell us once
Enjoy seamless integration of preclinical and clinical programs managed by ONE program manager.

Reduced timelines
Initiating clinical preparation during the preclinical stage can speed you from one drug development milestone to the next.

Integrated platforms/software
Our systems encompass preclinical and clinical development.

Access to experts
Our scientific and operational specialists deliver input into protocol design, interpretation of findings, and strategic options as you move ahead.

Personalized service
We continuously look for ways to provide value to you.

Our integrated quality team oversees all services and studies for consistency and thoroughness.

Bioanalytical support
Our Bioanalysis expertise and services encompass your preclinical and clinical needs.

We have your back
Your team at Altasciences believes in transparency, responsiveness, and the importance of being dependable.

Moving in unison, we are the CRO partner who is part of your team.