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Sub-Chronic/​Chronic Toxicity

Subchronic toxicity studies vary in length, typically ranging from 3 to 12 months, and are usually conducted in one rodent and one non-rodent species. Similar to shorter repeated dose toxicity study designs, the purpose of chronic and subchronic toxicity study is to further test the hypotheses regarding mode of action, predict the health effects of your therapeutic entity in human exposure, identify target organs, further characterize the dose-response relationship, and identify a dose level that does not demonstrate adverse effects with chronic or subchronic use.

At Altasciences, we understand that subchronic toxicity studies provide conclusions about the long-term effects of a test substance in animals and humans. Accordingly, it is our objective to always provide the most comprehensive and regulatory-compliant chronic and subchronic toxicity study reports to better support your clinical trials.


Our deep expertise and capabilities in a broad range of therapeutic areas encompasses preclinical and early clinical studies for both small molecules and biologics. We can manage your entire program, as well as provide comprehensive support research services and bioanalytical expertise.


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