2022, a year in review

Together, we do remarkable things—and 2022 was no exception. We are grateful to have been part of your journey, so let’s take this moment to reflect on a year well spent with you.

Your success is our success, and we are happy to share this year's highlights with you.
Altasciences named Most Innovative Global CRO/CDMO by Global Health and Pharma News
Altasciences received CRO Leadership awards in five categories for the seventh year
Altasciences placed on the Scrip Awards 2022 shortlist
We expanded to better meet your needs
Altasciences expanded laboratory capabilities at Columbia, Missouri site
Altasciences completed a 30,000 square-foot expansion of the CDMO facility in Philadelphia, PA
Altasciences celebrated the groundbreaking of a 53,000 square-foot expansion
Delivering impact
Altasciences chosen by Virpax Pharmaceuticals to conduct first in human study targeting chronic pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee
Altasciences contracted by Alzamend Neuro to manage and conduct a Phase 2a study in patients with Alzheimer's Disease
Altasciences partnered with Emyria to develop several oral formulation candidates for CBD from scratch for a new over the counter product in Australia.
Altasciences chosen by Hoth Therapeutics to manufacture a novel point-of-care therapy for  the treatment/prevention of secondary brain injury resulting from ischemic stroke and traumatic brain injury
From the experts
Assess the safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of ascending doses of Palovarotene (POS)
Safety Assessment of Intravitreal Implants in Dutch Belted Rabbits
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A Hop Across the Pond — Discovering the Many Advantages of Conducting Early Phase Clinical Trials in North America
Case Studies Adversity Level Determination in Nonclinical Toxicity Studies
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Emyria — Improving Care for Patients with Unmet Needs with Dr. Michael Winlo
Microsampling — When Small Steps Lead to Big Outcomes
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A Novel Method for Performing Linearity Assessments in Whole Blood Prepared Using a Lyse/No Wash Procedure
Rapid Development of a Liquid-filled, Hard-Shell Capsule Formulation of Cannabidiol
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Bioanalytical Operational Excellence (with Mathieu Saulnier and Frédéric Massé)
Experts in Complex Clinical Trials (with Dr. Morelli, MD)
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Feast your ears
The Altascientist Issue 20 — Validation of Immunogenicity Assays to Support Nonclinical and Clinical Studies
eBook ؅— First-in-Human Solution for Small and Large Molecules
The Altascientist Issue 22 — Nanomilling for Better Solubility and Improved Bioavailability
Key Biomarkers of Immunomodulation
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Questions from a fishbowl – Altascientists gets candid
Manufacturing and Analytical Services
Meet Dr. Scott E. Boley—Selecting Miniature Swine Model for Your Toxicology Studies
What’s Inside Altasciences’ Clinical Sample Collection Kit?
Behind the curtains
Step Inside Altasciences’ Clinical Facility in Kansas
Step Inside Altasciences’ Clinical Facility in Montreal
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Innovation Home Brewed, with Chris Perkin
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Benefits of Liquid-Filled Capsules in Pharmaceutical Development
Key Biomarkers of Immunomodulation — Complement Factors and Cytokines
One Integrated Solution for Meeting Your Preclinical to Clinical Drug Development Needs
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The place to be
The Traveling Trunk
Happy holidays from Altasciences