Bringing new drugs to market, from lead candidate selection through preclinical testing, to clinical proof of concept, is a complex, time-consuming, and costly process. At Altasciences, we have made it our passion to simplify the journey for you, and deliver a stress-free drug development experience. We handle all the crucial early steps to get you on the path to market, always taking into consideration the unique circumstances of your program or study.

How do we do it?

1. Single-Source Drug Development

No longer will you need to work with multiple vendors, managing handoffs and data transfers between manufacturing and study facilities, and between preclinical and clinical study phases. As a single-source drug development CRO/CDMO , we take care of all that for you, with processes synchronized across our sites and services. We craft a customized scientific and operational roadmap for your unique program that leverages efficiencies, and delivers a submission-ready data package for your molecule.

2. Centralized Scheduling

 Our integrated operations, sites, and scheduling system allow us to accelerate your timeline, ensuring we avoid potential roadblocks before they materialize.

3. Parallel Processing

We run certain processes in parallel, and overlap activities to ensure that your program is streamlined and efficient from the get-go. Our regulatory, scientific, and operational experts are an integral part of the process planning, actively managing your timeline to make sure your project stays on track, always moving forward.

4. Dedicated Project Management 

Sounds like a lot of moving parts, you say? It is, and our dedicated, cross-functional Program Managers will handle it all for you. Whether it be scientific, operational, administrative, or other, your Program Manager will stay with every aspect of your program, for the entire duration.

5. Communication 

Clear, consistent, constant communication ties all these offerings together — between services, departments within those services, with third parties, regulatory agencies, and finally, with you, our clients. Whether an end-to-end program or a single study, you only have to Tell Us Once™, and we’ll take care of the rest. We make sure that everyone involved understands your preferences, your requirements, your past and present projects, and the future plan. Transparent and proactive communication is critical to the efficient completion of your roadmap to success. 

The combined impact of all these innovative approaches is something we call Proactive Drug Development. It’s where we bring all our expertise, passion, knowledge, and innovation to bear so that your program has the greatest chance of success. Our company is structured so that we have two Co-Chief Operating Officers who ensure that all the services and sites are fully integrated, harmonized, and collaborating to deliver the best value for you.

Choosing the right CRO/CDMO partner makes all the difference. For a single study, or a full program (or something in between), Altasciences is your drug development partner of choice.