Altasciences offers specialized services in flow cytometry, a highly sensitive system designed to analyze cells and measure their biological, chemical, and physical properties. We have the extensive experience and broad expertise needed to perform testing for a wide range of applications in support of both preclinical and clinical studies.

Having established the need for specialized testing services, what should you look for in a contract research organization (CRO) partner, and how does Altasciences fulfil those needs?

1. Scientific Experience and Expertise

Successfully advancing your molecule through to regulatory submission depends on efficiently obtaining accurate, high-quality data. Altasciences’ exceptionally knowledgeable staff, including dedicated Flow Scientists and highly experienced Lab Directors, has the targeted expertise to ensure that your studies are conducted quickly and reliably.

2. State-of-the-Art Equipment

Altasciences’ sophisticated array of cell analyzers, operated by our expert staff, ensures that your studies will be conducted to the industry’s highest standards.  Our state-of-the-art equipment includes two BD LSRFortessa™ with FACSDiva™ 9, a BD LSR™ II with FACSDiva™ 9, and two BD FACSCanto™ II with FACSDiva™ 6.

3. Integration

With a BD LSRFortessa™ at both our U.S. and Canadian sites, and labs located near our clinical pharmacology units, Altasciences provides quick turnaround and a seamless transition between preclinical and clinical studies. Our integrated offering helps lower your costs and ensure your timelines are met.

4. Relationship

At Altasciences, we are focused on creating a personal experience customized to your needs. We build relationships with our clients through effective, efficient communication and proactive project management. Whether partnering with us for your flow cytometry studies as a stand-alone service or as a part of an integrated solution, we prioritize providing value and simplifying the drug development process for you.

Given the highly specialized nature of flow cytometry testing and the unique set of competencies required to expertly carry it out, choosing the right partner is key to ensuring a successful study. With our expert staff, state-of-the-art equipment, integrated structure, and culture built on prioritizing our clients’ needs, Altasciences delivers fast, accurate results in support of your preclinical and clinical studies.