An important consideration in choosing a research partner for your drug development programs is their experience and expertise in managing their study sites. Altasciences offers top-quality sites in various locations throughout North America for your Phase I and II clinical trials, and beyond. Time reductions are key to clinical development, and partnering with an established research partner like Altasciences means that your study start-up can take place as quickly as possible. Some key reasons to choose Altasciences are detailed below.

1. Altasciences can develop an optimal, targeted plan to conduct studies that are specific to your protocol. 

Altasciences ensures that sites have evaluated your protocol in detail and developed a plan that is specific to your requirements.

2. Staffing needs are taken care of by Altasciences.

In many cases, Phase I and II clinical units will apply blanket assumptions for study conduct without considering the different levels of resourcing necessary for a specific protocol. This can lead to improper staffing, increased costs, and significant risk for subject safety. Altasciences has procedures in place to stagger assessments and resourcing requirements throughout the trial, ensuring that staffing needs are met while also decreasing costs.

Los Angeles Site

3. Altasciences maintains an extensive participant database.

We currently have 400,000 participants in our database, covering a range of ages, genders, ethnicities, and health conditions. As a result, Altasciences is able to quickly and efficiently recruit full panels of participants for your study.

Study area4. We have a comprehensive system in place to ensure that risks are reduced.

Protocol deviations can pose serious threats to the overall success of a clinical trial.  Altasciences is committed to preventing these risks before they occur. This involves a detailed analysis of the protocol and top-level insight from all who will be involved with the study. Our risk management planning includes steps to identify, evaluate, control, communicate, review, and report risks. 

5. In the unlikely event that a protocol deviation occurs, Altasciences’ staff is ready to quickly resolve the issue.

In some cases, deviations aren’t preventable, and when they do occur, clear guidance for resolving them is required. Altasciences has a response plan ready to address a comprehensive range of deviations in order to prevent any serious repercussions for your study.

6. Altasciences has the systems and resources necessary to managed all the functional areas of your trial. With your customized drug development plan, your project will be kept moving across all phases and sites, using dedicated program management and a proprietary centralized scheduling system to actively track and manage all areas of your study.

Your primary point of contact is a program manager who oversees all operational aspects of your trials, including its timelines and milestones. Our highly trained personnel are dedicated to those specific functional areas in which they have expertise. In addition, we have personnel coordinating cross-departmental staff to support the Primary Investigator.  

7. Our site personnel have been trained to execute the specific procedures outlined in the protocol.

Research and medicine aren’t the same. In addition to their experience working in a research setting, our staff is highly proficient in performing the medical procedures required for your study. From QT assessment to pain scales, cognitive evaluations to MRI scans, we can deliver all the specialized procedures your study requires. We have the necessary equipment to conduct a wide range of specific procedures, as well as a highly qualified team with the expertise and training to make the most of its capabilities in support of your study.

State-of-the-art equipment

8. Altasciences ensures that each site has all the necessary equipment to conduct the specific procedures or assessments outlined in your protocol.

We have the necessary equipment to conduct a wide range of specific procedures, as well as a highly qualified team with the expertise and training to make the most of its capabilities in support of your study.

Choosing Altasciences for your Phase I and II clinical trials, and beyond, ensures a quick start, and maximizes the safety, quality, and overall success of your program. With top-quality sites, a highly trained staff, and an integrated drug development process, Altasciences helps sponsors get better drugs to the people who need them, faster.