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Re: IND-enabling bioanalytical support provided by Altasciences

We were very pleased with the way the team at Altasciences negotiated the challenges encountered during the bioanalytical development of our complex compound as part of our IND-enabling package. The scientific excellence applied, and the adaptability demonstrated, allowed for successful development of our bioanalytical methods. 

The collaborative approach of the Altasciences experts with our Chondrial team was essential to the success of this project. We appreciate the dedication and hard work of the Altasciences team – it was clear that they never lost sight of our goal to successfully and efficiently develop a product to help patients. We look forward to continuing our work with the Altasciences team towards this important goal.

On behalf of the Chondrial team, thank you!


David Bettoun, Ph.D.
Vice President Discovery and Preclinical Development
Chondrial Therapeutics Inc.