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Algorithme Pharma (now Altasciences) has been a great partner of ours over the years, in performing Phase I studies in healthy volunteers. Recently, we entrusted them with a pharmacokinetic study involving hepatic-impaired subjects (Child Pugh A to C) and healthy volunteers. This study was completed within 10 months, to our satisfaction.

For this latter study, Algorithme Pharma (now Altasciences) has distinguished itself by:

  • Their support, both their clinical and statistical expertise during the design and protocol developments
  • Their proactive and transparent communication throughout the study (from the first draft protocol to the delivery of the final report) ensuring that all parties remained well informed and facilitate the dialog between the parties
  • The quality-driven conduct of the study and successful recruitment of the matching healthy population
  • Their excellent work and support to the clinical center involved in the recruitment of hepatic impaired patients to ensure that it complied with highest quality standard level

Especially, the Algorithme Pharma (now Altasciences) team anticipated the hard points of the study and proposed solutions, both at the protocol development step and throughout the study.

The team members from Algorithme Pharma (now Altasciences) were responsive, accommodating and hardworking at all times. We truly value our relationship with Algorithme Pharma (now Altasciences) and consider them an important partner in our development efforts.

I feel confident in recommending Algorithme Pharma (now Altasciences) for similar studies.

Audrey Pechberty 
Nonclinical and Pharmacokinetics Unit Manager