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Algorithme Pharma (now Altasciences) has been a great partner for us, in the context of key clinical trials for our lead drug candidates. The professionalism and skills of Algorithme Pharma’s staff were crucial to the success of our Gastrointestinal Phase Ib efficacy program, which included food effect and PK evaluations. Their services were delivered as planned, with time and cost efficiencies. Their expertise in bioanalytical development and method validation has proven to be an added value for our small company.

We needed to conduct a technical Phase 1b study, which involved rectal barostat experiments. Algorithme Pharma’s team was open to put in place and acquire the expertise required to conduct such a large barostat study. They have demonstrated their ability and willingness to adapt their services to meet our needs.

This trial was the largest ever barostat study conducted (90 subjects) within the shortest timeframe (3 months). All operations relied on consistency and methodology, and Algorithme Pharma (now Altasciences) delivered the work beyond our expectations. Furthermore, subject recruitment is one of their great assets, and enabled us to complete the study within our corporate timelines.

Finally, the communication between our teams was optimal, from the first protocol draft to the delivery of final report. I would recommend Algorithme Pharma (now Altasciences) to start-up biotechnology companies such as ours, for both first-in-man trials and customized Proofof- Concept trials, such as our barostat study.

Maxime Ranger
President and CEO
gIcare pharma inc