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I am writing to recommend the services of Algorithme Pharma (now Altasciences), with whom Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (now Ionis) have partnered to conduct ultrafiltration protein binding, multiplexing through an innovative platform, and quantitative Hybridization ELISA assays for concentration determination. Several matrices in various species were assayed, including Plasma, Brain, Spinal Cord, Liver, Kidney and Ocular tissues.

Throughout the entirety of the programs, Algorithme Pharma (now Altasciences) has distinguished itself by:

  • Their expertise in effectively and efficiently transferring and validating method assays
  • Their flexibility and versatility in managing internal resources to accommodate change, and ensure timelines are met
  • Their use of quality systems, providing reliable and concrete results
  • Their proactive and transparent communication to ensure that we remained well informed of study developments and analysis progress

Algorithme Pharma (now Altasciences) is an important partner in our development efforts and we recommend them for any ligand‐binding requirements.

Bryan Tayefeh | Assistant Director
Alliance Management
Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. | 2855 Gazelle Court | Carlsbad, CA 92010